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Mental Health Matters

BILLIE is here to empower you in navigating your mental wellness journey.

Safety First

BILLIE has your back! Stay in control of your safety with our check-in alert feature.


Earn Rewards

Unlock campus perks and real-life rewards the more you interact with BILLIE!

What's in a membership

bursting with powerful benefits.

Unlimited-ish* requests

During your active subscription, you may make as many requests as you need. We’re available by Slack, Discord, or NYC pigeon.

Fast turnarounds

We complete individual requests in an average of 3 business days (Monday - Thursday). Four-day work weeks are the future, baby.


We build every site on Webflow, making them dynamic, accessible, and easily scalable. It’s easy for you like Squarespace but better.


Let's get started

BILLIE BOT is your first, AI-powered virtual companion that rewards you for building better safety and mental health habits. BILLIE is your confidant, your guide, and your much needed safety net here to help you build a healthier and happier college experience.

All the A’s for your q’s.

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BILLIE BOT is an AI-powered virtual companion designed to help students build better safety and mental health habits through a gamified and rewarding experience. It's your go-to friend on campus, supporting you in various aspects of college life.

How can BILLIE BOT help me with safety and mental health?
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BILLIE BOT offers valuable information, tips, and guidance to enhance your safety and mental well-being on campus. It provides resources, encourages healthy habits, and offers a check-in feature to ensure you're feeling your best.

Is BILLIE BOT available to all college students?
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BILLIE BOT works with college & university administrations to bring BILLIE to your campus and all of its students. To request BILLIE for your school, sign up for our waitlist.

How can I get in touch with the BILLIE BOT team?
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If you have questions, you may reach out to We're here to assist you with any concerns you may have.

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